• The Power of Fortitude: Navigating Success Amidst Pressure

    The Power of Fortitude: Navigating Success Amidst Pressure

    In the pursuit of success, one’s fortitude often emerges as a defining factor. When faced with adversity or pressure, individuals may find themselves grappling with clouded judgment. However, maintaining composure in challenging circumstances is crucial, as it allows us to perceive opportunities amidst chaos and select the optimal path forward. While easier said than done,…

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  • Reality of Perception

    Reality of Perception

    In today’s digitally-driven world, our perception shapes our reality. This concept is often illustrated by the metaphor of “living in a bubble,” where individuals are influenced by their own perspectives, experiences, and the information they encounter. With the abundance of information available at our fingertips, distinguishing between accuracy and misinformation has become increasingly challenging. This…

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  • Cultivating A Plan

    Cultivating A Plan

    Taking the time to cultivate a plan is only as good as the execution. People rush into ventures before figuring out what they want and knowing what it takes. Then create unnecessary issues that prevent them from achieve their goal. Writing down a plan to reference later helps a team stay on mission. Documenting progress…

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  • Intelligence Noted

    Intelligence Noted

    Pay attention to details, because people will try to insult the intelligence of others. Not getting caught up in mind games is the best strategy, because feeding into stupidity is a sure way to lose. Focus that energy into getting the work done, and not on misguided feelings. Avoid trying to prove a point, because…

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  • Art is a powerful tool

    Art is a powerful tool

    All the template apps and use of AI has caused people to take art for granted in business. I like to create, because I have a deep appreciation for art incorporated into projects to communicate a message. In turn, I’m sharing art in this series of posts called Check It – Art On The Streets.…

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