Intelligence Noted


Pay attention to details, because people will try to insult the intelligence of others. Not getting caught up in mind games is the best strategy, because feeding into stupidity is a sure way to lose. Focus that energy into getting the work done, and not on misguided feelings.

Avoid trying to prove a point, because it is irrelevant. Ultimately, it does not get anyone closer to an end goal. Focusing on being several steps ahead is a better use of time. Why worry about what was instead of focusing on what can be? Therefore, learn to identify the true nature of a problem, and not pointing the finger. The goal is to fix the problem, and not providing a point.

After all, a person might not be capable of doing the job for whatever reason. Work on the contingency before the problem causes a real issue will give a person the opportunity to self correct so that progress is not ultimately lost.

Plus, plans rarely go as anticipated anyway. Having a contingency plan will allow for a mission to be accomplished regardless of short comings. The trick is not to let it happen again. It may sound harsh, but so is insulting people’s intelligence.

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