Cultivating A Plan


Taking the time to cultivate a plan is only as good as the execution. People rush into ventures before figuring out what they want and knowing what it takes. Then create unnecessary issues that prevent them from achieve their goal. Writing down a plan to reference later helps a team stay on mission.

Documenting progress is the best way to reach am end goal. It serves as a guide to get through all the distractions in daily life. Everyday is an opportunity to learn something new. Staying focused on the mission is the role of leadership. Businesses tend to fail because change is difficult.

A plan must be adaptable, because it is impossible to account for everything that can happened. It is vital to create a culture that works together instead of against each other. Communicating the importance of change must be expressed in a timely manner. People who are resistant to change mostly likely need to be let go so the entire organization can thrive, because they become part of the problem. People who value their position will make the necessary adjustments.

Differentiating between fixing a problem and feelings comes down to communication. Dump the emotions to work towards finding a solution. It takes being mindful of how words are interpreted, because fixing a problem is not personal. The feedback loop is about controlling the outcome so that the plan can adapt for success.